'Fallout 4' news: New update available for PS4, Xbox One


A new feature is expected to be introduced in the upcoming update for Bethesda Studios’ “Fallout 4.”

According to Games Radar, the console versions of “Fallout 4” will receive a new update that will include a special new mode. Bethesda Studios recently announced that the upcoming update, which is expected to be released this Friday, will allow players to play survival mode.

In the new mode, players will encounter new enemies that will further challenge them. In addition, it will present more obstacles as it will require several other needs such as hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. The update will also limit the amount of health characters can recover.

The upcoming update will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who play “Fallout 4” on PC can already avail the update through Steam.

Aside from the new update, fans can also expect a new DLC for “Fallout 4.” Bethesda Studio is going to release a new DLC called “Far Harbor,” which is the largest DLC for the title. The DLC will allow players to become more creative during their build mode. It was stated that “Far Harbor” will include several new features that will enhance the player’s crafting powers.

In addition, “Far Harbor” will introduce a new location as well as mission, in order to push the story further. With that, players can expect a lot of new content to explore when the expansion gets released. .

“Fallout 4” director and Bethesda Studios head Todd Howard shared said in an interview, “In this first run [of DLC], Far Harbor is the largest. But, we kind of priced that based on what we’ve done before so you can look at Far Harbor and say ‘Well, even though the land mass is bigger, it doesn’t have as much content as Shivering Isles.'”

“Fallout 4’s” new DLC “Far Harbor” will be available on May 19.