'Fallout 4' Far Harbor DLC guide: How to own any weapon from the game


The release of the latest downloadable content for “Fallout 4,” dubbed as Far Harbor, has brought in a lot of nifty weapons that gamers can get their hands on. A set of guidelines has been released to give gamers step-by-step instructions on how to finally possess the much coveted firearms.

The guide comes from Tech Times and elaborates a series of procedures that will help players move forward. However, it should be noted that this specific method will only release one specific item so players should choose wisely from the pool of weapons. Of course, this guide will only be applicable to those who have purchased the Far Harbor DLC.

The first step is for players to finish the DLC’s main story quest titled “Close To Home,” which reunites Kasumi with her family safe and sound.

Players will then have to start a conversation with Kasumi’s father, Kenji Nakano, in order to receive a quest marker that leads to a hidden treasure. Follow the directions leading to the hidden treasure and after the quest reward stash becomes accessible, players are directed to save the game before doing anything else.

After saving, players can now dig for the treasure. The treasure chest, once opened, will reveal a new weapon. Players who are not happy with the weapon can choose to restart just by reloading the save file. They will have to repeat the process until they find a suitable weapon.

The article also advises players to keep a look out for weapons that do more damage, specifically the Power weapon which does 25 percent more damage; the Kneecapper that has a 20 percent chance of crippling the enemy’s leg; and the Wounding weapon that provides an additional 25 points for damage.

Meanwhile, the Far Harbor extension pack has also undergone some patches which has significantly improved its gameplay, compared to when it was first rolled out last month. Eurogamer notes that the add-on’s frame rate, which ran an average of 20 frames per second (fps) and even dipped as low as 15 fps at certain points in the game, has gone up to a solid 30 fps.

“Fallout 4” Far Harbor DLC is available on all major consoles.