'Fallout 4' DLC release updates: Game's largest addition called 'Far Harbor'; two more DLCs slated late this year, early 2017


Players of “Fallout 4” continue to receive new DLCs with unique features, as promised by the outline initially shared by Bethesda earlier. However, the surprise is not yet done, as a new content has just been announced after “Automatron.”

The developers recently launched “Automatron,” which rolled out in different regions just a little over a week ago. While fans enjoy using the scrap materials to create robots as their companions, they will have a more unique experience as “Wasteland Workshop” gears for a release this month, since this promises more leeway for players in terms of customizing the robots.

Meanwhile, “Far Harbor,” which is expected for launch in May, looks like the game’s vastest addition yet. The report came in after a user asked Pete Hines, Vice President for PR and Marketing of Bethesda, through Twitter how large will the said DLC be compared to the expansion of another title from the same studio, “Shivering Isles” of “Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.”

Hines revealed that he asked and confirmed that it will be bigger than “Shivering Isles.” The said expansion was the first addition to the title, but its content gave new maps and location that served as the main setting of the game.

Given this, the upcoming addition for the action role-playing video game is expected to be huge, perhaps both in content and scope as Todd Howard, director of “Fallout 4,” also confirmed that “Far Harbor” will have the “largest landmass,” said Game Rant.

Nonetheless, the surprise is not yet done. Just yesterday, Bethesda announced that it will be recreating the smallest U.S. state, Rhode Island in a 100 percent scale. Referred to as “Lonesome Rhode,” the new DLC will take on the story of a survivor receiving message from Ulysses, which will lead him to a mission in Rhode Island where he can create a castle amidst the desolate place.

Aside from this, “Fallout 4” will also have “To Del’ and Back,” which will recreate 1,000 miles of Interstate Highway 95. In this addition, players will get the chance to choose among five vehicles and drive along the highway.

“Lonesome Rhode” and “To Del’ and Back” will be released in November and early 2017, respectively. On the other hand, “Far Harbor” is expected to come in May.