'Fallout 4' DLC updates: Automatron released for Europe, DLC unlocks at EST midnight for the U.S.


“Fallout 4” has just received its latest DLC in Europe, while North America is expected to get theirs within the day.

On the Twitter page of Bethesda, developer of the game, a tweet said, “Automatron is now live for @steam_games European players. Thanks for your patience! #Fallout4.”

On the other hand, those in North America may expect the new DLC to be unlocked at EST midnight, while PlayStation 4 users will get it an hour later. Meanwhile, for fans who are in Asia, such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, they will still have to wait until Apr. 5 before they can try out the newest expansion.

The newest addition, called “Automatron,” will focus on robots, where players will have the leeway to modify robots as their companions. To do so, they will have to make use of scrap materials from the new artificial intelligence villains.

In the trailer that was released for this expansion, it revealed the first customizable robot for the game named Ada. Players will need to look for other parts that will fit the robot.

Meanwhile, “Fallout 4” is expected to have another DLC soon called “Wasteland Workshop.” This will enable players to use their creative skills to craft robots, and it seems to be like a request from fans.

“Fallout 4” director Todd Howard told IGN in an interview, “I think the Workshop stuff was the biggest surprise for us, in that… how many people gravitated toward it as its own game and are doing all sorts of crazy things with it.”

Howard revealed that because of this, they will be looking into more customizable options in the future expansions that will be released alongside the traditional quests and challenges.

Automatron” may be purchase as a standalone DLC for $9.99. For those who have already purchased the season pass, they will get the said DLC, along with the rest of the expansions planned for the title. On the other hand, those who are planning to buy the season pass may get it for $49.99.

“Fallout 4” was released last November for PC and new generation consoles.