'Fallout 4' DLC release date: To arrive in 2016? rumors suggest there may be underwater features


Rumors have it that the upcoming downloadable content pack for Bethesda Game Studios’ “Fallout 4,” may take place underwater and may be released sometime next year.

According to Bitbag, there are some clues that may possibly point to the new feature coming into fruition such as the location of the post-apocalyptic world being in Boston where a large chunk is filled with water; some concept art which reportedly hinted underwater content like a huge octopus and vegetation on the ocean floor; and the submarines that are docked on land.

The report added that numerous underwater vehicles can be found in the game with a notable Chinese unit infested with ghouls. A video showcasing the Yangtze submarine was also posted by one of the players.

The rumors about DLC have started when a modder discovered that the Harpoon Gun has an animation of bubbles spewing, seemingly suggesting that a combat may be held on water sometime in the future.

A Reddit user also shared that he has found an interesting terminal log where The Institute is said to plan their seabed operations. Some creatures that may be experimented on were also revealed to be named as “genus delphinues” and the “genus Carcharhinus.” “What to create? We’ve engineered creatures that inhabit the sky and the land the next logical step is a creature of the sea,” the log stated.

Aside from experimenting in the aquatic habitat, there are also plans to grow food and to develop underwater synths. “On-site habitat will be a logistical challenge. Expansion of Bioscience likely necessary including large water tank. Many logistical challenges to implement, facilities division likely to oppose this,” the log further read.

Meanwhile, another user has spent 30 hours exploring some structures underwater. He also detailed which part of the ocean floor other players can get chests, safes, and other items by marking them down on a map.

Since Bethesda has yet to confirm or refute the rumors, it remains to be seen if the game will be expanded to include Boston’s water areas.