'Fallout 4' DLC release date, news: More expansions to come after 'Nuka-World\' DLC?


Is Bethesda planning to release more downloadable content for “Fallout 4?” Earlier this year, it was announced that “Nuka-World” will be the last DLC for the game. However, a new SteamDB listing hints that another add-on is on its way, and fans have started reaching out to Bethesda to confirm if more content is coming to the action role-playing game.

Tech Times reports that Reddit user HarraReeves discovered the hidden SteamDB listing, and the Redditor said, “Hopefully it’s a gun DLC of some sort.” Upon scrolling down the SteamDB page, the unnamed listing, referred to as “Unknown App 54081” is listed above “Fallout 4- Nuka-World.” Fans assumed that the listing could mean that a new DLC is on its way.

Others gave their take on HarraReeves Reddit post, saying that the listing could be related to an update which could bring virtual reality (VR) support to “Fallout 4.”

Players reached out to Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines via Twitter, with one fan pointing out that Hines did not confirm nor deny that the listing is a new DLC. Hines is said to have responded to the fan, tweeting that he has maintained that the listing in question is not DLC related.

Meanwhile, fans have been expressing their desire for more content, saying that some of Bethesda’s recent releases have been disappointing. One Reddit user said that a “Broken Steel” DLC would be welcome and wished that Bethesda had the foresight to write story arcs that “didn’t abandon ship 75 percent of the way through.” Some fans have also been calling for gun DLCs over another open world DLC for a change of pace.

For now, fans can get “Nuka-World,” which is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The DLC, which features an amusement park with Raider gangs and unique park zones, quests, and creatures, is available for $13.39 on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store.