'Fairy Tail' chapters 525 and 526 spoilers: Fairy Tail Guild to fight Zeref; Gildarts to defeat August?

A promotional image for "Fairy Tail" manga. (Kodansha official website)

While Gildarts and August’s fight advances, Zeref’s true son remains a mystery. The latest chapters of “Fairy Tail” continued with the story of the final arc of the manga series.

As noted in the previous chapter, Acnologia has returned and joined the battlefield. The Black Dragon’s reappearance has caused Fairy Tail Guild, as well as the fans of the manga series, to wonder. What is he up to this time? Who can defeat him?

In chapter 525, August seemed to overpower Gildarts. The latter’s multiple attacks were not working at all. Seeing her father struggle to put down his opponent, Gildarts’ daughter, Cana, rushed into the battleground and used Fairy Glitter, which made August mad. The Magic King threatened to kill Cana, which made the Guild Master furious.

Knowing Gildarts’ concern about his daughter made August question Zeref for his lack of care towards his son, Larcade. “Why was his majesty’s child not loved?” August thought.

Meanwhile, at the Fairy Tail Guild’s home base, Natsu was giving all his best to bring Zeref down. Consumed by his dark intentions, the evil Mage revealed to Natsu that he was being possessed by the Contradictory Curse.

Also known as Ankhseram Black Magic, the curse produces black miasma that has the ability to kill anything or anyone who touches it. Unfortunately, the dark magic influenced the host’s feelings and actions. However, Natsu’s mystical scarf can overcome the deadly effects of the evil curse.

Larcade came to Natsu’s rescue, but the former was struck by his own father’s black magic. Larcade was hit through his heart and died.

In the following episode, it has been said that Mavis will gather everyone in the guild to fight against Zeref and to save Natsu’s life. Some say that Gildarts will also defeat August.

“Fairy Tail” chapter 526 is set to be released on March 15.