‘Fairy Tail’ chapter 540 spoilers: Natsu to challenge Acnologia; Anna, Ichiya to reappear?

A promotional image for "Fairy Tail" manga. (Kodansha official website)

Fans of the “Fairy Tail” manga will have to wait just a few more days before chapter 540 comes out. With it is the return of Natsu Dragneel.

According to The Christian Post, the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel is rumored to return in the next chapter. His return means that he will challenge the dragon Acnologia. It is speculated that he will get some help from Anna and Ichiya.

The impending battle will take place in the Ravines of Time, according to an article from Mobipicker. The battle was set after Acnologia, also known as the Black Dragon, broke through the Ravines of Time in chapter 539 titled “World Collapse.” Looking to get even, Acnologia will look to challenge the three Dragon Slayers and deal with them once and for all.

Moreover, Acnologia has already declared ownership on the Ravines of Time, which means Natsu’s return is nothing short of timely.

As for Anna and Ichiya, their re-emergence will also come as a surprise. It can be recalled that the two were thought to be lost for good when their Pegasus ship was sucked into the Ravines of Time. With the two coming back, the dragon slayers will likely be able to put up a gallant stand against Acnologia.

Meanwhile, a report from Inquisitr said that only seven more chapters remain before the manga series ends. With the series coming to a close, fans can expect more thrilling action and excitement as Acnologia and the heroes clash, leading to an epic conclusion.

Last month, “Fairy Tail” creator Hiro Mashima confirmed that the series will end in about two volumes. Mashima gave an estimated timeline leading to the story’s finale. He explained that the average length of a manga volume is around eight to nine chapters. With only seven chapters to go, “Fairy Tail” may already be in its last volume.