'Fairy Tail' chapter 522 spoilers: Gray to face off against Zeref


As shown in the previous chapter, the strongest Spriggan 12 member, August, has finally met his match in Gildarts, the strongest mage in the Fairy Tail guild. However, a bigger battle is about to take place when Gray faces off against Zeref, and it looks like sparks are about to fly in “Fairy Tail” chapter 522.

Reports say two chapters are coming out next week, and Gray might have another near death experience in the upcoming chapters since he’s facing Zeref, who is a Black Wizard that’s extremely dangerous. Zeref was a little disappointed when he saw Gray because he was expecting to see either Jellal or Laxus. He had no choice but to settle for a heavily wounded Gray for now.

Will Gray’s luck run out this time? It is likely that Zeref will not hold back, so Grey will probably be in a lot of trouble. However, “Fairy Tail” chapter 522 is allegedly titled “Gray’s Trump Card,” implying that has something up his sleeves.

Gray has escaped death a number of times already, and he may do so again in his fight with Zeref. However, sources believe that Gray’s trump card may be the technique called Iced Shell. Gray can freeze Zeref inside a solid block of ice with the spell, but the magic also requires a lot out of the user. It practically destroys the user’s body, so if ever he uses it, Gray will be sacrificing himself. His teacher, Ur, died when she cast the spell on Deliora.

Meanwhile, Gildarts and August are going to start their fight in the next chapter, and fans have speculated that Laxus and Jellal may assist Gildarts.

As of the moment, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt because details for the next chapter are yet to be revealed. “Fairy Tail” chapter 522 is scheduled to come out on Feb. 22.