'Fairy Tail' chapter 510 spoilers: Mavis and Larcade meet; what can she do to stop her son?


Well, there goes Kagura. The previous chapter of “Fairy Tail” showed that she just couldn’t match Larcade’s magic and the Spriggan 12 member easily won. Can Kagura survive the assault? Before they fought, the villain introduced himself and his opponents noticed that he had the same last name as Natsu. Larcade confirmed that he is Natsu’s nephew, and he also told them that Natsu and Zeref are brothers, shocking the group. However, the biggest revelation was shown on the last page of chapter 509. Mavis is really Larcade’s mother.

Several reports are saying that mother and son will meet in “Fairy Tail” chapter 510. How will Mavis react when she sees Larcade? She probably hasn’t seen him in a long time. Fans believe that Mavis will convince her son to change sides by showing him how much she loves him.

Well, the previous chapter did show August musing that the only person who can stop Larcade is his mother. Can a heart filled with love defeat the loveless Larcade? Can she convince Larcade to turn against Zeref?

Besides meeting his mother, sources also say Larcade is going to encounter Natsu. The title for chapter 510 is allegedly “The Heart of Natsu,” so he should be a focal point in this chapter. Natsu has been out cold the past two chapters, so hopefully he’ll join the fight soon. He should have been saving his energy so he can fight his opponents, not an ally like Gray.

So, when are readers going to find out the connection between Erza and Irene? Well, some fans have speculated that this revelation will finally happen in the next chapter.

Meanwhile, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt because details for the next installment have yet to be revealed. “Fairy Tail” chapter 510 will come out on Nov. 16, in Japan.