'Fairy Tail' chapter 509 spoilers: Larcade's mother to be revealed in upcoming chapter?


Last time on “Fairy Tail,” the heroes found a formidable enemy in Larcade, who used pleasure as a way to torment his enemies. At the end of chapter 508, the young man revealed that there is more to him as he claimed to be Zeref’s son.

Larcade unleashed his power on the group, and it turned out that only those who have experienced physical pleasure in the past were affected by his powers. Some of the heroes couldn’t believe what was happening to them, and they were unable to resist Larcade’s powers.

Later, Larcade smugly told them that once people have tasted pleasure, it would be difficult to escape from his magic. He asked them if they were aware of what happens to humans who are granted pleasure over and over again, and he told them that they die from it.

While the others appeared to be on the verge of dying, Kagura, the pure mermaid, joined the fight against Larcade. As she has never had pleasure before, she was impervious to Larcade’s powers. She told him that it’s hard to fathom that he is a comrade of the Black Wizard, and Larcade replied, “I am much more than his comrade…Zeref is my father.”

It is speculated that in chapter 509, it will be revealed that Larcade is Zeref and Mavis’ son. It was said that while Zeref was only able to kiss Mavis in the past because of the curse he possesses, Mavis and Zeref may have been under the same curse which caused her to get pregnant. If Larcade is indeed Zeref’s son, then this would mean that Natsu is his uncle, which would make for an interesting twist if the two fight in upcoming chapters. But it was also said that Larcade may not be Zeref’s biological son at all, but his own creation.

Kagura and Larcade are also expected to fight in the upcoming chapter. Stay tuned for more news about chapter 509 of “Fairy Tail.”