'Fairy Tail' chapter 505 spoilers, plot: Major character's death bonds the guild against the Alvarez Empire


The spotlight shifts back to the ongoing battle between the Alvarez Empire’s Spriggan 12 versus the Fairy Tail guild in an all-new chapter of “Fairy Tail.”

Chapter 505 of the popular manga series will be one for the books as the Alvarez soldiers try to finish of group from the Kingdom of Fiore. One by one, the heroes of the story have fallen and have been beaten up. And just when they are already teetering on the edge of ultimate defeat, Makarov, seeing the kids injured and scathed, comes up with a plan in the hopes of turning things around.

Without thinking about himself, he pulls out a yet to be used card against their enemies via the use of the Fairy Law. The plan, if deemed successful, has a high chance of beating the ruthless empire and will save the rest of the guild. Unfortunately, while the plan is definitely something that could work, with Makarov’s old age, it can be dangerous for him to cast the spell.

As Makarov tries to perform the trick, Mavis immediately comes up to him in an effort to stop his plans, at the same time trying to explain what could possibly happen to him. But with time being of the essence, Makarov continues to roll out his plan and a blinding bright light covers the battlefield. It is only after the fog finally subsides that Makarov’s lifeless body is seen on the ground.

Sad as it is, a lot of fans are speculating that the major death in the manga is final. Some of them are speculating that given the nature of the story, it’s still possible that the beloved guild master will still be resurrected sometime soon.

Moving past the forthcoming chapter, given the current predicament in “Fairy Tail,” rumor has it that the wizards, driven by Makarov’s death, will be uniting in order for Mavis to roll out what could be their winning move in the battle. Elsewhere, numerous claims are suggesting that Acnologia may just be lurking around and could already be due for a comeback.