'Fairy Tail' chapter 500 spoilers, news: Gray to unleash Devil Slayer Magic against Invel? Irene to possibly confront Erza


Rumors have it that the upcoming milestone chapter 500 of hit manga series “Fairy Tail” may feature Gray using the full force of his Devil Slayer Magic which his father had passed on to him.

Following the heartbreaking demise of Juvia when she sacrificed herself to break the Ice Lock’s hold created by Invel, reports claim that Gray will take matters into his own hands and finish the fight between him and the touted villain. Although he has been struggling in captivity, it is believed that Gray’s health has been fully restored with Juvia’s Blood Transfusion Magic. The apparent death of his nakama may also become a catalyst for him to awaken the maximum extent of his capability.

Meanwhile, there are mixed assumptions when it comes to Juvia’s fate. Some hope that she is still alive despite being in critical condition. Wendy might heal the unconscious character and resurrect her vitality. But others theorize that she is really dead and Gray will use this as motivation to put an end to Invel.

Elsewhere, Erza is also predicted to see a confrontation from Irene. Some suggest that the two scarlet-haired mages are blood relatives which may point to the possibility of the latter being a resident of Fiore. Rumors have it that their bloodline may have been the root cause of a hysteria before, which forced the others to banish them. Since Erza was still an infant, Irene may be the one who remembers the incident.

They were then separated as Irene was transported to the Alvarez Empire. She started to hold a grudge against those who despised their clan and she possibly became furious when Erza sided with the enemies albeit without her knowledge. In order to explain their connection, some flashback scenes are expected to unfold.

Available information should be taken with a grain of salt. Chapter 500 of “Fairy Tail” is expected to arrive soon.