'Fairy Tail' chapter 499 spoilers, news: Invel gains upper hand as Gray and Juvia fight to the death


“Darkness is neither good nor evil.”

This was what Invel Yura told Gray Fullbuster in chapter 498 of Hiro Mashima’s hit manga series, “Fairy Tail.” When the Winter General of the Alvarez Empire found out that Fairy Tail’s ice mage also possessed a powerful devil slayer magic, he noted how this very magic was eating away at Gray’s soul, slowly tainting the mage’s heart with darkness. He also suggested that Gray had what it took to be his comrade and that it’s Gray, not Emperor Spriggan, a.k.a. Zeref, who’s going to eventually defeat the Etherious Natsu Dragon (END).

But the crux of this chapter came when the rest of the Fairy Tail guild stormed out in support of Gray, only to get scooped up and away from the battlefield by a giant Brandish. However, Juvia Lockser got left behind giving Invel a chance to use Ice Lock on her and Gray.

The Ice Lock, a chain with neck collars on each end, possessed magic that allowed Invel to control people caught by it like puppets. He instructed Gray and Juvia, who by then were slowly losing hold of their own will, to fight to the death. The chapter ended with Juvia thinking that she would rather die than allow herself to go mad and harm her beloved, Gray.

The next chapter in the continuing Alvarez Empire Arc is titled “Gray and Juvia,” which could culminate in either a mindless battle between the two or a selfless sacrifice by one of them to save the other. But is it really in Juvia’s character to take her own life? And did Invel’s statement bear some foreshadowing truth to them about Gray turning to the dark side and getting rid of Natsu for Invel since Natsu is the only one in Earth Land who possesses the Etherious magic able to kill the Alvarez Empire’s Emperor.

Gray did proclaim that he’d willingly turn evil if his family’s safety is on the line, but is turning evil or not really something that he can control?

Fans will find out when “Fairy Tail” chapter 499 is released in the Weekly Shonen Jump next week.