Facebook rumor: Messenger app for Mac OS X leaked


Social media giant Facebook is currently working on a Messenger app exclusive to the Mac OS X, according to rumors. 

In a leaked photo posted by TechCrunch, a Facebook employee is using what appears to be the Messenger app. The grainy photo shows the app with the Messenger logo as the icon in the app Dock. In the menu bar, it can also be observed that the app is named as Messenger.

It can be noticed that the employee in the aforementioned photo is working on an app similar to the official Messenger for the iOS mobile app. Just like the iOS app, it includes bar options like Recent, Groups, People and Settings. A source also told the website that the worker is logged into Facebook’s internal portals and VPN, which suggests that the tech company is now working on a Messenger app for Mac.

Messenger is a very useful app created by the social media site in 2011. Its primary purpose is to enable smartphone users to directly send their private messages without using a Web browser. If the said rumor turns into reality, Mac users can easily chat with other people whenever they work on their computer.

In 2012, it can be remembered that Facebook had launched a Messenger app specifically for Windows. However, the app was largely ignored by the social media company which caused it to be shut down in March 2014.

On the other hand, the social media giant has not yet provided an official statement or confirmation about the said photo. As what the company said to TechCrunch, they don’t comment on rumors or speculations.

Right now, there are still several third-party apps that let users access the Messenger app in OS X.