Facebook news: Social media platform will be launching a new stand alone app called 'Notify'


Known as world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook is still looking to further up its reach by the reported development and release of their newest app, the Notify.

Notify is Facebook’s new project aiming to partner up with other media websites and collate all their latest and trending stories in one application. It will basically be a one stop shop for everyone who wants to be in the know with topics customized to individual preferences. With the Financial Times reporting that partners will likely include Vogue, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), CNN, Mashable and The Washington Post, Facebook is looking to keep the new application as relative as possible.

Fortune website reports that the application is set to drop in a week or two causing a stir within technology buffs and aficionados. The concept which Notify will run is not really a new one as other platforms like Snapchat and Twitter have their own version of it, namely Discover and Moments respectively.  But Facebook’s edge against its competitors is that it already has a wider scope of users to begin with and this move will keep them as engaged as possible.

It can also be beneficial to potential media publishers as articles and content from their website will be more easily accessible to wider audiences through this new application. The appeal of this concept is fairly obvious as most content based websites seem to have not yet figured out a way to have their news, editorial and feature posts be disseminated in a way that is fast and out there. Readers are limited to information from websites they choose to visit andare  not given suggestions on other news that could be also of interest to them. With Notify, the market is provided a wider variety of trending news in one click. This gives people the chance to read whatever topic that might capture their curiosity in an easier way without having to go through multiple sources.