Facebook may be developing its own personal digital assistant called 'Moneypenny'


Rumors have it that tech giant Facebook is developing its own take on virtual assistant likened to Apple’s Siri to help their users in completing various tasks in social media.

Codenamed “Moneypenny”, which probably come from the character of M’s secretary in the popular film and book franchise, “James Bond,” the project is said to bring a human take on digital assistance to help people in researching and purchasing products and services online, The Information reports.

Although not much is known about the project except for its name and vague description, it is believed that the tech might currently being tested on Facebook Messenger applications.

Some speculations suggest that since it may be backed by live human assistance it is more comparable to Amazon’s Echo, which supports users who order real products than to Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana.

If this comes to fruition, the tech may also have the features of online inquiries, voice-activated question and answer feedback, and may be used in both mobile and web platforms.

Apple Insider notes that it may possibly process incoming requests similar to the methods utilized by concierge-like start-ups such as Magic, Operator and Fetch.

While Sydney Morning Herald deems the service may also be similar to the ones offered by Ahoy, ASAP and Ketings by sending a person text messages and they figure out the logistical need to successfully complete the request.

The report added that this method makes sense especially since financial transaction is recently added to Messenger as a standalone app. Moreover, basing on the origin of the codename, Moneypenny may be female like Siri and Cortana.

The focus of the app may gravitate towards shopping and commerce but it may expand to include amenities which help users increase their productivity level.

Facebook has not issued any official comment regarding the rumor.