'Fable Legends' release date update: Microsoft debunks October 13 launch


Fable Legends will not be coming anytime soon – at least according to Microsoft.

A few days ago, Game Informer reported that the upcoming game Fable Legends finally got an official release date of October 13. This came from a short yet significant moment on the Comic-Con Recap video that the official Xbox channel posted over at YouTube.

At around 1:50 of the three-minute video, it was flashed that Fable Legends would be “available October 13”. This single and very short moment from the entire clip generated massive talks and numerous reports all over.

However, shortly after that, both game developer Lionhead Studios and Microsoft debunked the alleged release date, saying that what happened in the recap video posted was a mistake.

In his forum post at NeoGAF, Lionhead Game Director David Eckelberry (username Coral Griffon) said: “No idea where they got this date. We don’t have an announced day of release yet, not even internally.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft reached out to the people over Game Informer and issued a statement regarding the alleged release date of Fable Legends, saying that it was a mistake on their part. They said: “We look forward to opening the world of Fable Legends to players this holiday, but don’t have anything more to share on specific release timing. The date listed in the San Diego Comic-Con Xbox recap video was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion.”

Fable Legends will take on the free-to-play approach, something that is new for the franchise. Previously, in an interview with G2G: Evolved, David Eckelberry, Fable Legends game director, talked about their plans for the game following its release.

“We’ll be continuing to release new heroes, quests, and creatures at a very regular and dare I say aggressive cadence after the game’s release,” he said.

Fable Legends will be released for the Xbox One and Windows 10-running PC. The game is now on closed beta for the Xbox One, and will soon be on closed beta for the PC once Windows 10 starts to roll out officially.