Evil Within full screen mode now for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 too; fixes to game difficulty


Third person survival horror video game, The Evil Within, will become more exciting and realistic as the full screen mode can now be applied to all consoles.

Shortly after its launch last year, PC players were given the option of having it full screen, but this was not available for other consoles. However, due to public demand, Bethseda, publisher of the game, announced that it will now give  players using PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One the option to remove the letterbox head gameplay window. This will make the game more lifelike and less heart-trembling in a sense that players will no longer be surprised with the monsters peering from the top of the stairs or behind doors. Aside from this option, the game’s casual difficulty has also been rebalanced to make it somewhat easier, equipped with more ammo and more leeway for its health bar.

The Evil Within is known as Psycho Break in Japan and was released October last year by the same creator of The Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. It is a single player story revolving around surviving dangers such as barbed wire, bear trap, bombs, spike traps as well as enemies such as the multi-limbed long hair and crawling creature Reborn Laura, a large humanoid wearing spike mask called Sadist, and the game’s main villain, Ruvik. The protagonist of the game, Sebastian Castellanos, has the option to use various weapons such as shotgun, grenades, knife, revolver, sniper rifle, and the projectile weapon capable of electrocuting, exploding, freezing, or blinding the enemies by Agony Crossbow. His safe sanctuary is a mental hospital where players can upgrade his skills and access useful items such as ammunition and green gel.

The game received its final expansion last month, namely The Assignment, where players can find more answers to pondering questions, The Consequence, where Juli’s story wraps up, and The Executioner, which concludes the game.