‘Evil or Live’ news: Animated series getting a second season?

Evil or Live
"Evil or Live" promotional photo. (Twitter/evilorlive)

The animated series “Evil or Live” has just concluded its 12-episode run last week, ending with a fierce conclusion to the exciting series. Although the series concluded in an apparently closed-ended fashion, many fans are still hoping the series will end up getting a second season.

The story of the animated series was based on the Chinese webcomic titled “Lixiang Jinqu,” or “Ideal Restricted Area.” It was created by Zhannan Li and serialized on Tencent. It premiered in October and aired its final episode on Jan. 2

The animated series started off with the story based on the comic but diverged from it at around chapters 60 to 80. Because of this, the makers of the animated series was able to give it a conclusion even though the story of its source material has not yet ended.

The story in the webcomic is still ongoing and is currently in Chapter 167. This means there have been over 80 chapters that were not included in the animated series, which should be enough to use for the second season of “Evil or Live.”

In the animated series, Shin and Hibiki plotted to gather evidence against the school administration and its wrongdoings, and they spread their findings all over the internet. Shin sets the school building on fire, and reporters and students watch as the teachers’ building burn to the ground.

This scene provides a solid ending for the animated series. However, it does not reflect the more elaborate story that is told in the webcomic, where it is revealed that Shin is the puppeteer behind the illegal cellphone business. Hyo, who disguised himself as a student, attempted to kill Shin in a fight. However, he fails, so he proceeds with his backup plan, which is to burn the entire school. The fire almost takes Shin, but he escapes the inferno thanks to a thunderstorm.

Although connecting the current plot of the webcomic to the anime’s ending may prove to be a stretch, it is not impossible, as long as the story and the characters get enough time to ease into the new plot.

So far, no confirmation has been made by production company Haoliners Animation League regarding the possible return of “Evil or Live” for a second season.