Empire season 2 spoilers: next season cast to be joined by Becky G, Racquel Castro and Jamila Velazquez


Viewers are only two months away before the return of sensational hip-hop drama, “Empire,” and its home network Fox seems like it is making the second season even bigger than the first.

The network started releasing promos by unveiling the first poster of the new season last month. On the poster are  the founders of the Empire recording studio, Lucious and Cookie Lyon with the words “Welcome back to the Lyons den.” Cookie, dressed in gold, has her hand on top of a lion’s head while Lucious is sitting cross-legged beside a lioness.

This was followed by the launch of a short teaser trailer showing “New music, New money, New power, New Empire” and a “Free Lucious” concert presumably headed by his son Jamal. Cookie is shockingly depicted walking side-by-side with Anika while during the last few scenes, Lucious is portrayed wearing the orange prison uniform.

Meanwhile, recently added to the growing casts and guest stars is singer Becky G to play the character of Valentina.

The show took to Twitter to announce the news saying, “Ah! We are so excited to announce that @iambeckyg will be joining season 2 of #Empire!!”

The 18-year-old singer previously teased her participation to followers saying, “I told you guys I was in Chicago studying my script. Can you guess what I’ve been filming?!”

Moreover, newcomer to the show Yani Marin will appear in multiple episodes for her recurring role as Carmen. Details of her character is still under the wraps but she will apparently portray another pop singer alongside Racquel Castro and Jamila Velazquez.

Promoted to series regulars are Gabourey Sidibe and Ta’Rhonda Jones who are assistants of Lucious and Cookie, respectively. While previously mentioned guest appearances include: Marisa Tomei as lesbian venture capitalist Mimi Whiteman, Adam Rodriguez as Cookie’s new love interest, Kelly Rowland, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz.

TV Line reports that the show is casting for the role of Chloe, described as a reality show producer who will be introduced in episode four.

Season two of Empire premieres on September 23.