'Empire' season 3 plot news, spoilers: Boss weighs in on Lucious' sons, on his battle with Cookie


The musical drama series “Empire” started the second half of its third season with a huge fight between the ex-couple, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). According to the showrunner, the following episodes will revolve around the two characters’ relationship.

“This battle, this war of the Lyons that begins in this first episode, it’s all about Lucious and Cookie’s relationship; the thin line between love and hate, if you will,” showrunner Ilene Chaiken revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the tenth episode, Cookie became enraged after learning that Lucious reappointed Anika (Grace Gealey) as head of A&R at Empire Entertainment. She confronted her ex-husband and lambasted gold records, framed photos, and even Lucious’ piano. Although the fight ended with a kiss, Cookie informed Lucious that they’re really over.

“The things that Lucious has done, which started out as romantic and escalated to aggressive, in order to win Cookie back and destroy her new romance, absolutely elicited a response from Cookie,” said Chaiken.

“She can’t just let Lucious keep doing this to her, and in taking it to a new level she’s going to be forced to really examine herself,” she added.

The episode titled “Sound and Fury” also featured the Lyon’s three sons. Andre’s (Trai Byers) plan to kill his father took a snag when his girlfriend, Nessa (Sierra McClain), got involved in a catfight with Tiana (Serayah), Hakeem’s (Bryshere Y. Gray) romantic partner.

However, R&B singer-songwriter Jamal (Jussie Smollett) has earned a musician friend, Tory Ash (Rumer Willis), in rehab. The two bonded, and they’ve started recording a new song.

Chaiken hinted that Jamal is still not giving up his family and that the viewers would soon find out if he is the person who can reunite his family.

As for Jamal’s relationship with Tory, the female showrunner asserted that the two have a “deep connection,” but they still have a lot on their plate. Lucious’ son is still trying to recover from his opiate addiction, while Tory is struggling to take control of her life again.

The third season of “Empire” will return on March 29 on Fox.