'Empire' season 3 spoilers: Jamal's recovery, relationship with D-Major


“Empire” showrunners discussed in a recent interview the aftermath of Jamal Lyon’s decision and how it will affect the upcoming third season.

In the second season finale of “Empire,” Jamal vowed not to sing and perform ever again until his family decides to end its long cycle of violence and treachery. He lived up to this promise to himself and to his family as Jamal did not arrive at his father’s Lucius’ wedding with Anika.

In a recent interview with TVLine, “Empire” executive producer and showrunner Ilene Chaiken stated that for the most part of the third season, Jamal will “continue to dig in his heels.” But the questions remainswhile Jamal is determined to live past the life of violence, will his family be ready to make the move?

“The question now is, can Jamal also bring his brothers and his mother along with him on this stance, and say ‘This is no longer how we have to go about our lives and our business?'” Chaiken said.

Seeing that Jamal was injured in the finale, Chaiken said that the third season will take on the “journey” of his recovery from it.

“In the finale, he comes out of the hospital after being shot, but he’s clearly not recovered physically, and certainly not psychically,” the executive producer shared.

Also, fans might finally see more of the budding romance building between Jamal and mega-producer Derek/D-Majorplayed by actor Tobias Truvillion.

“We think their story is really worth telling,” Chaiken teased. “[The angry outburst] that happened between D-Major and Jamal in the penultimate episode will be pretty hard to come back from. But it’s also very real. A lot of gay people know what that moment is about as do a lot of people who aren’t gay. Some of the stories we tell are pretty melodramatic. I believe in all of them, but Jamal and D-Major’s is grounded in reality.”

“Empire” will return this fall.