'Empire' season 2b news: Fox drops first midseason trailer packed with drama


Groundbreaking Fox drama “Empire” is just a little bit over a month away from returning, and the show just dropped a minute long midseason trailer full of family drama.

When the show ended last year, things were pretty bad for the Lyons except for Hakeen (Bryshere Y. Gray) who secretly worked with Camilla (Naomi Campbell) to take over the company. While Luscious (Terrence P. Howard) was very devastated to lose his reins on Empire, it will eventually bring him and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) together to get back what was originally theirs.

While there may still be a lot of other side stories that might happen in the rest of season 2, the teaser trailer promises nothing but fast paced plots and twists.

Meanwhile, Henson, who arguably has become the shiniest spot among a lot of sparkly things in “Empire,” recently shared how she always try to show off her shoes.

“I’m really particular about showcasing shoes,” she said in a video published by “Empire’s” official Twitter account.

“A lot of times on TV you don’t get to see them, so I’ll throw my legs up on the desk or I’ll make sure my shoes get in there in some kinda way,” she gushed.

Meanwhile, another “Empire” actress, Ta’Rohona Jones, recently recalled how she got the role of “Porsha” in the show.

“I called and went to this audition, where they had me read a few lines, then asked me to come back the next day. On the third day, I went in again and said that same lines in front of a guy. I did not know the guy was ‘Empire’ producer Lee Daniels, and I was still waiting up for Terrence Howard,” the actress told Glamour as reported by Yibada.

“Afterward I thought, let me look up what I’m auditioning for. I saw all those names: Lee Daniels, Taraji, Danny Strong. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is big. This is huge.’ Two days later, I got a call offering me the role of Porsha,” she said.

“Empire” season 2 returns on March 30 on Fox.