'Empire' season 2, episode 9 spoilers: Carol and her issues land in Cookie and Candace's lap; Alicia Keys guesting as Skye Summers


Two episodes before the fall finale of the smash series “Empire” and the story just keeps on getting more and more scandalous.

In the next episode titled “Sinned Against,” more drama will develop between Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and her homecoming sister Candace (Vivica C. Fox), while they deal with their youngest sister, Carol. Carol has been on the run from authority from season 1. In a teaser video released, the youngest of the sisters will be suffering from drug overdose as she would be found unconscious lying face down on top of a table.

The newest star to visit the “Empire” set is hit singer and songwriter Alicia Keys who plays Skye Summers. While Skye would have difficulty branching in a new direction with her new album given that Luscious (Terrence Howard) wants her to stay in her lane, Lyon family’s middle son Jamal (Jussie Smollet) will be there to push her in following what she really wants to do. Through this, the two of them will develop a tight bond of friendship. It is still unknown whether this friendship will lead into something else.

Speaking of Jussie, the musically-gifted actor recently sat down with the Associated Press and dished out on “Empire,” both on and off camera. When Jussie was asked about his co-stars, he gushed about the patriarch and matriarch of the show and was quoted in saying, “Taraji is not a joke. She’s the real deal, and I love the fact that she takes her craft so seriously yet she doesn’t take herself seriously… (Terrence) is this deep, slightly misunderstood person… from Planet Terrence, but we should all be so lucky to sit on Planet Terrence every once in a while and have a conversation with that man because he’s brilliant.”

“There’s such a respect that we have for each other … it’s never an ego thing … when I tell you there’s not one bit of ego on that set, it’s the honest to God truth – which is also why we laugh when they say about like feuds on set, which is further from the truth,” he added.

“Empire” season 2 airs every Wednesday at 9 P.M. ET on FOX.