'Empire' season 2 spoilers: Hakeem gets in the middle of wedding bells, baby talks, Empire Entertainment in episode 14


Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) will be at the center of chaos once again when he is hit by multiple conflicts in the brand new episode of “Empire.”

The youngest Lyon son already has a lot on his plate. On top of CEO duties, he is also engaged to Laura (Jamila Velazquez). Since the two’s betrothal, fans of the show have been a bit hesitant to dive into the possibility that someone who has just started emerging and being able to get whatever he wants would allow to be tied to a commitment right away. However, showrunner Ilene Chaiken dropped a major bomb confirming that viewers can expect a wedding and a marriage this season inching on the possibility that Hakeem may actually go forth with his engagement.

“You can expect a wedding and there will be a marriage. We can expect that this season,” Chaiken teased. While the producer did not drop any names involved in a marriage and a wedding, as of now, it is only Hakeem’s current situation fitting the bill plot and timeline-wise.

The possibility of Hakeem tying the knot but not with Laura is also a huge possibility as Anika (Grace Gealey) is ready to drop a major announcement on the Lyon family. Chaiken briefly touched on the subject in the same conversation saying, “Let’s say Anika will no longer be able to keep her pregnancy a secret and she’s going to figure out what the hell to do.” Spoilers suggest that in the upcoming episode titled “Time Shall Unfold,” the debutante will finally reveal that she is carrying Hakeem’s child to his parents and fans of the show can expect nothing but total chaos when Luscious and Cookie find out.

Aside from wedding bells and baby talks, Hakeem will also be secretly plotted on by his father, Luscious, who is already hell bent in regaining control over the company he built. The Lyon patriarch will be using the upcoming public Empire Entertainment meeting to make Hakeem look bad at the CEO seat, which in turn will make him look more appropriate for the job.

The Futon Critic published the official synopsis of the episode which reads, “Lucious releases his new music video, as he manipulates and sabotages those around him to regain his CEO position at Empire. Meanwhile, Andre learns more about his grandmother’s mental illness in order to understand his own struggle with bipolar disorder, Anika reveals a big secret to the family and Hakeem leads the big shareholder meeting.”

“Empire” season 2 airs every Wednesday night, 9 P.M. EST on Fox.