Emmy Awards news: YouTube stars can now be nominated for an Emmy


The Emmy Wwards just got a bit bigger with the addition of YouTube and other platforms that stream videos, along with some rule changes.

In a press release, Television Academy Chairman and CEO Bruce Roseblum said: “Our industry is aggressively, quickly and creatively evolving the various ways episodic stories are told. Our Board of Governors felt that this expansion of short form categories begins the process of ensuring that Emmy-worthy creativity will be rewarded, irrespective of format or platform.”

The new category is called Short Form Programs and, for a program to be called short form, the episodes must be average 15 minutes or less and have a minimum of six episodes. This means that YouTube stars may be nominated for an Emmy alongside big television series like “The Big Bang Theory.” The Academy also includes reality programming into the Short Form Programs. This makes the short form recognition under three categories namely: Comedy or Drama, Variety, and Reality/Nonfiction. 

The rule changes made by the Academy include an increase in the number of nominations from five to six in the category of Directing and Writing a Comedy and Directing and Writing a Drama. They also eliminated the ranked voting and converted it to a single vote for the top selection only. This move makes finding the winner easier and faster. They also placed a two-step nominating process for the Special Visual Effects category. Those nominated for directing a Variety series will be having two tracks namely, Variety Talk Series and Variety/Sketch Series.

These changes can dynamically change the landscape on how television entertains the audience with the acceptance of the Internet and streaming viral hit videos. More and more people who aspire to make it big in Hollywood or on TV can start small and not risk everything by going to the U.S.