Eminem updates: New album coming this year?


A new album from Eminem is anticipated to be released sometime this year.

It has been three years since the artist released an album, with the most recent one called “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” The title has proven that Eminem continues to impress people and loyal fans as it made the US Billboard 200 upon launch and also bagged a Grammy Awards for the Best Rap Album last year. Given this, it is no surprise that fans continue to look forward for the next album that the rap artist is working on.

There are rumors that Eminem is may likely release a new album anytime soon. Last month, he performed in Brazil and then moved on in the Lollapalooza event in Argentina, which was watched by about 80,000 people. It was his first time to tour the country but fans seemed to love his performance as he sang some of his classic numbers such as “Monster,” “One Shot,” “The Way You Lie,” and “White America.”

With the recent concerts, some people assumed that the release date of a new album may just be around the corner. Nonetheless, Eminem has been relatively tight-lipped about his plans, so it is still uncertain whether the recent concert was really for promoting himself prior to the album’s launch or simply a performance.

There are also rumors that the new album of Eminem will feature another artist in a collaborative effort. It is still uncertain who will it be, but there are speculations that it will be 50 Cent. Although they have not hinted about any joint effort in public, they have already experienced working together in the past, particularly with Eminem being the executive producer for the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” album of 50 Cent.

The upcoming album will be Eminem’s ninth. More details may be announced soon.