'Elementary' season 4 spoilers: Episode to focus on Sherlock's mother; Mycroft to return?


Fans of “Elementary” were already introduced to Sherlock’s father in the first half of the season, but now it seems that a case will push the father and son relationship to a breaking point and viewers will finally get to know who Sherlock’s mother is.

The synopsis for episode 14 titled “Who is that Masked Man,” hinted that the role of Sherlock’s mother in the strained relationship between Morland and Sherlock will be revealed.

The episode will reportedly start with an investigation on an attempt on Morland’s life which will trigger the subject of Sherlock’s mother. There will also be a case involving the deaths of three gang members with an unlikely suspect emerging, Carter Matt reported.

However, it remained unclear if the show will reveal the mysterious mother or if she will just be discussed by the estranged father and son.

According to executive producer Rob Doherty, this is a good time to explain why Sherlock’s mother did not enter the story at the same time as his father.

“I feel like we have an obligation at some point this season to flesh out that story and explain why she is not featured on the show alongside Mr. Holmes. I think that would be a matter of… I can’t say a matter of time… it’s a story we need to tell. We need to find the right moment. I think mom is a big reason why Sherlock and his father have struggled to the degree that they have, struggled as father and son,” he said.

Fans are hoping that with the possible introduction of Sherlock’s mother, his brother Mycroft, played by Rhys Ifans, will also drop in for a visit to complete the family get together.

In an earlier interview with Doherty, he did not discount the possibility of Ifans’ return but said it would depend on the actor’s schedule.

“What is a distinct possibility. It really has everything to do with the availability of our buddy Rhys Ifans. It’s come up, I think that would make for a great episode, but there’s no official plan for that. It’s definitely something that I’m interested in doing.”