Elementary season 4: Sherlock's issues with his father to be explored next season; Watson has her own complicated family history


After several seasons of suspense about Sherlock’s father, fans of Elementary will finally get to meet him and the first few episodes of Season 4 will reportedly revolve around Sherlock’s daddy issues.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Rob Doherty revealed that the show will be tackling the reason behind the falling out between Sherlock (Johnny Lee Miller) and his dad Morland, who will be played by veteran actor John Noble.

“Once he [Morland] arrives, Sherlock does not appreciate the attention or the distraction that his dad represents. For him, it’s too little too late. This is a father and a son with a very complicated history. I’d say for at least a couple decades, Sherlock’s father has been out of sight, out of mind. This is going to be a big adjustment for Sherlock to have [his] dad nearby,” Doherty said.

Viewers have been curious to see what type of person Morland would be as he has been previously described in the show as a complicated man. It is also interesting to see how Morland’s arrival will impact the current crisis that his son is suffering after he had an outburst at the end of the last season which may jeopardize his and Watson’s (Lucy Liu) consultancy with the NYPD, reported Screenfad.

The duo may see themselves suspended pending the decision on whether charges will be pressed against Sherlock for beating Oscar during his lapse.

In a separate interview with TVLine, Doherty teased that the season’s exploration of the relationship of father and son may also unravel details about another character that the series has not yet introduced Sherlock’s mother.

But Sherlock’s family may not be the only one highlighted in the season as Watson’s family may possibly drop in to visit.

“In a lot of respects, her family situation is as complicated as Sherlock’s,” Doherty said.

Elementary returns to CBS for its fourth season on November 5.