'Elementary' season 4, episode 3 news: Sherlock finds a way to send Morland home while investigating a double homicide with Joan


In the middle of the continued presence of Sherlock’s father in Sherlock and Joan’s lives, the turmoil of mystery has just started spinning more rapidly.

As Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) accepts his father’s offer to help him and Joan (Lucy Liu) get reinstated in her job, Joan discovers that Morland (John Noble) manipulated the DA into dropping the charges in order for things to work according to his plan. Suspicious of the older Holmes’ actions, Joan warns him that she will not let him hurt Sherlock in any way ending the last week’s episode of “Evidence of Things Not Seen.”

On his own, Sherlock is also by no means open to keep his father around any bit longer as he realizes that his continued presence in New York City distracts him. According to website Spoilers Guide, episode 3 titled “Tag, You’re Me” will deal with the younger Holmes offering to help his father with an ongoing issue at work in exchange of Morland’s swift departure home.

On top of that, Sherlock and Joan will be trying to resolve a double homicide case involving two men who look alike. This will eventually lead them into the world of facial recognition technology and how it can help them decipher what really went down in the crime.

A teaser of the upcoming Nov. 19 episode shows an excited Sherlock ready to act out John Cusack’s famous scene in the 1989 comedy “Say Anything” while standing at the bottom of the stairs with stereo blasting “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Joan then tries to rain on his parade by walking down and informing him that the song he should be playing is by Peter Gabriel instead. Actor Drew Rausch is set to guest star in the episode.

“Elementary” airs every Thursday night on CBS.