Electronic Arts officially moves ‘Anthem’ release to 2019

"Anthem" promotional photo. (Facebook/AnthemGame)

Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed that the release of the highly anticipated online shooter “Anthem” from Bioware will be delayed to 2019.

When it was announced last year, “Anthem” was originally given a launch date of fall 2018. Despite moving the title’s release to a later date, EA says it is not a delay, but a strategic move to give the new game a chance to get more attention by not releasing it during the crowded fall season. This way, “Anthem” can shine more as a wholly new title because it does not need to compete with other big titles that get released in the fall.

Replacing “Anthem” in EA’s fall release slot is a brand new installment in the highly successful “Battlefield” franchise, although EA has not provided any details about it yet.

According to sources, the fall 2018 launch window that was initially given to “Anthem” was never realistic. However, it is unlikely that EA will allow the developers at Bioware to delay the release of the title any further than March 2019, which is when the fiscal calendar for EA ends.

The delaying of “Anthem’s” release could also be because EA does not want it to have a launch window that is too close to that of the upcoming “Battlefield” game.

In 2016, the company the highly acclaimed title “Titanfall 2” struggled badly after its launch despite being released on multiple platforms and getting a huge marketing push from EA. The title’s struggle was due to the fact that its release was crammed between the releases of two giant franchise installments, “Battlefield 1” and “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.”

The delay also buys time for Bioware to work on “Anthem,” whose success may be the measuring stick that would be used by EA to determine the future of the studio. Following the less than stellar performance of “Mass Effect Andromeda” in 2017, the series was put on ice, while the Montreal branch of Bioware was absorbed by EA Motive.