Electoral College Map 2016 predictions, latest update: Clinton still leads in electoral votes


It will take 270 electoral votes (EV) to win the 2016 presidential election, and based on the most recent Electoral College maps, Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton still has the clear edge in spite of the fact that the FBI just reopened its investigation into her email scandal.

According to The Fix team at The Washington Post, Clinton is still leading by a wide margin with 294 EV although Donald Trump has gained some ground with a predicted 180 EV. The latest forecast from The Cook Political Report also shows numbers quite similar to what The Fix came up with.

In their report, Clinton has 293 EV while Trump trails with 185 EV. Meanwhile, the team at the University of Virginia Center for Politics also predicted that Clinton will be way ahead of Trump.

While Clinton continues to lead in the Electoral College breakdown, the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll shows that support for Clinton is slipping and Trump actually has the lead right now with 46 percent of popular votes to Clinton’s 45 percent.

ABC‘s map shows that Clinton already has the 270 EV needed for her to win even if the five “toss-up” states Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Utah are unaccounted for. Trump will have to cover a lot of ground if he wants to stay in the race. But does he have a chance to win?

“The bottom line here … is that Donald Trump needs to run the table needs to win every single one of those toss-up states and even that won’t be enough,” ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl said.

Winning the popular votes while losing the Electoral College votes is not unprecedented. The same thing happened with Al Gore and George W. Bush won the presidential election. Will the American public see the same thing happen in this year’s election?