'Elder Scrolls 6' rumors: Will title details follow 'Fallout 4' DLCs?


Bethesda already said from the start that they are not the type of developers that release sequels of games every so often. Back during the E3 event last year, Pete Hines, vice president for PR and marketing of Bethesda, hosted their own conference to discuss and clarify issues about their titles.

During the discussion about “Elder Scrolls 6,” loosely referred to as “Skyrim 2,” he revealed that when “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” was released in 2011, people were already asking when its sequel will come. However, he clarified that Bethesda is not the “sort of publisher that focusses on ‘what’s our 25 titles for 2015’,” noted Telegraph.

He explained that they do “smaller stuff” and “don’t publish on scale” as they are more focused on publishing quality. “[We] make sure everything we do is noteworthy,” he explained and added that “Our approach to that hasn’t differed.”

Despite knowing this, fans are still hungry for updates regarding “Elder Scrolls 6.” Gaming Bolt explained that the lack of news may be attributed to Bethesda working on the rest of the DLCs slated for “Fallout 4,” released November of last year.

However, it explained that Bethesda may announce “Elder Scrolls 6” perhaps during the E3 event this year, followed by a release a few months after. It noted that this was their approach when they announced “Fallout 4” last year, as the short waiting time between the announcement and the launch of the game enabled fans to become excited without having to shift their attention to other titles in its interim.

Meanwhile, others believe that the title will not be announced and released until 2019. As fans anticipate for any hint or announcement, one of the most speculated details about “Elder Scrolls 6” is its setting. According to Neurogadget, “Elder Scrolls 6” may take place in Argonia (Black Marsh), which is ruled by the native political faction An-Xileel, who was responsible for the War between Morrowmind and Argonia.

At the moment, everything about “Elder Scrolls 6” is just a speculation. Hopefully, Bethesda will give at least a hint regarding the title soon.