'Elder Scrolls 6' release date news, updates: Game confirmed; release date uncertain according to developers


Certainly, “The Elder Scrolls VI” game is one of the most-requested Bethesda game as of date since players have been totally enchanted by its predecessor, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” However, it seems that its release may still be years away, but players are still hopeful that the game will not take too long before its launch.

According to Game N Guide, Bethesda’s Todd Howard are currently occupied with the delivery of added content to their other game titles, and as such, it seems that the game is not an active project as of now. Regardless, Howard assures the fans that “The Elder Scrolls VI” will definitely happen.

However, at the same time, Howard admits that as of now, nothing is set in stone, but the sequel will certainly be released eventually. No one really knows about it, and it is possible that the game will launch in 2017 or even in 2019. This is still pretty vague, but considering the fact that the company is prioritizing other games, the fact that Bethesda is still considering the release of “The Elder Scrolls VI” will have to do for now.

Players are expecting that the new game will be set in an entirely new world, with new maps, characters, and improved gameplay and graphics. If Bethesda chooses to do so, they might even include Virtual Reality, as most game companies are doing right now.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the upcoming “The Elder Scrolls VI” game, according to Neurogadget, is the location. After all, a lot of fans are speculating that the new game will be set in Argonia, with the plot being centered around the Argonian race. With this, the Black Marsh might be one of the locations that will be used in the game.

In any case, nothing is confirmed yet, so fans should stay tuned for more updates.