El Chapo news: Mexican drug lord under extreme security after he was captured for the third time


Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is under extreme security after he was captured for the third time.

According to CNN, Mexican newspaper El Universal has revealed that the Altiplano Federal Prison the same maximum security prison where El Chapo escaped from in July last year installed 400 new cameras and motion sensors in addition to having trained security dogs detecting the cartel king pin’s scent. Prison floors have also been armored with three-quarter-inch steel rods to avoid another tunnel escape.

Last year, El Chapo escaped from his prison cell through a hole in the shower leading to a ventilated underground tunnel. The prison camera was not able to capture his escape because it took place behind a wall. 

Now, prison guards are instructed to wear helmets with cameras mounted. According to a statement from Mexico’s National Security Commission, as reported by journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, motion detectors are also activated for underground activities.

Allowed visitors will also undergo intense screenings, although prison visits are extremely restricted.

El Chapo was captured in Jan. 8 in a shootout that killed six people in his home state, Sinaloa. His third arrest happened on the same day his Rolling Stone Magazine interview was published. Actor Sean Penn and actress Kate del Castillo interviewed the most-wanted suspect in Mexico in October last year. 

“I was asked did I think he’d let himself be taken alive. My impression was that he would not … I was shocked,” Penn said on El Chapo’s arrest in his interview with host and journalist Charlie Rose. “I didn’t expect him to be captured this quickly. But I did expect that one day I’d hear about a big shootout.”

On why the actor thinks the Mexican government kept El Chapo alive, Penn concluded: “It probably means that despite the incredible corruption, despite the things that I have told you that I feel about the Mexican government, that there’s still more good people than bad.”

El Chapo was captured through tracked cell phone and other electronic exchanges of those who were close to him.