Dying Light DLC news: No specific release date yet; to appear during Paris Game Week?


Game enthusiasts may have to wait a little bit longer for the downloadable content pack for “Dying Light,” called “The Following.”

Techland community manager Michal Napora took to Youtube to let the fans know about the thought process in coming up with a schedule as to when the game hits the market.

He said that developer Techland and publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment will have some information soon but no specific release date can be announced for the mean time, “Unfortunately there isn’t an exact set date.” He continued to explain that both parties are still negotiating about the timing that will suit the two companies.

Speculations suggest that Warner Bros. may be looking for a date that will not clash with the release window of their other titles they will publish to prevent potential conflict and competition in sales.

Meanwhile, Napora also mentioned that another reason for the delay is that the developers are making sure that the DLC meets their standard, “‘The Following’ is an expansion pack in the true sense of the word. This thing is massive. With so much confidence were packing into it, we need time to get it ready and the things is, we are gamers ourselves. We want to be proud of what we release and we want you guys to be happy with what you get.”

Further development may mean that there are less bugs and glitches in the gameplay to ensure that the fans get the best experience possible for the entirely new campaigns, new vehicles and more areas to be explored.

Napora ended the announcement by saying, “Don’t worry, we will give you a release date soon. And I know you guys hate this word so much right now but unfortunately that’s all we have for the moment.”

According to VG247, “soon” hopefully means that the expansion may be ready for the Paris Game Week which opens in October 27.

Dying Light base game is available across platforms including Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.