Dwayne Johnson news: 'The Rock' draws in 'Colony' creators Carlton Cuse, Ryan Condal for 'Rampage' redraft


Actor-wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed on Instagram  that they are now moving forward with the screenplay of the big screen take of the popular ’80s arcade game “Rampage.” 

The adaptation has drawn in the brilliant tandem of writers Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal of the science fiction drama television series “Colony.” Both will be taking over a script left by “Non-Stop’s” Ryan Engel in April of last year.

Condal previously worked with the hulking Johnson as he was the main scribe for the latter’s blockbuster disaster film “San Andreas” in 2015. 

Cuse’s major television outputs include the police procedural drama ”Nash Bridges” and the in-limbo plot twist series “Lost.” At present, he is the executive producer, developer and writer of vampire-thriller series “The Strain” in FX, and he will be developing a revision of CIA agent Jack Ryan committed to Amazon Studios. 

Johnson will also once again be rubbing elbows with another familiar face in Beau Flynn who produced “San Andreas.” 

“Rampage” is an iconic video game wherein a player has a variety of giant monsters at their disposal, namely a hairy gorilla named George, a green-skinned lizard named Lizzie and a rabid werewolf named Ralph. These are the options in order to lay waste the cities defended by military forces. According to Screen Rant last year, it is most likely that the well-sculpted Johnson will be on the defensive end of the adaptation, portraying a gritty soldier.

Brad Peyton, another “San Andreas” alum, will direct the film, which is scheduled for a theatrical release in 2017.

The former WWE superstar has his rock constantly on a roll in Hollywood. He is finishing a Disney live-animation film titled “Moana” wherein he provides the voice of Maui, one of the lead characters. The movie is scheduled to be shown on Nov. 23.