Duggar family news, rumors: Anna reportedly planning to file divorce papers against Josh


Is a Duggar couple about to end their marriage? Last year, Anna Duggar stood by her husband, Josh, as the father-of-four entered a faith-based rehabilitation center to seek help for his issues. But now, a new report claims that the 28-year-old has had enough and is considering a divorce from the former reality star.

In Touch magazine (via the Daily Mail) reports that Anna is planning to file divorce papers against Josh.

“She will see a divorce lawyer in the next few weeks to have divorce papers drawn up so she can rid herself of Josh,” said a source to the magazine.

2015 was a rough year for the entire Duggar family as Josh’s back-to-back scandals came to light. In May, it was revealed that Josh molested five young girls two of them his sisters when he was just a young teenager and the scandal led to the cancellation of the family’s reality show, “19 Kids and Counting.” By August, a leaked listing of celebrities and politicians with Ashley Madison accounts revealed that Josh had more than one account on the online dating site, which encourages members to have affairs.

Shortly after, the 28-year-old issued a statement wherein he admitted to having a porn addiction and being unfaithful to his wife. Josh entered rehab, and at the time, it was reported that Anna was not leaving her husband as they wanted to work on healing their marriage.

But now, the magazine reports that friends have reached out to Anna to express their concern over her position in the Duggar family. Anna’s friends are said to have thought that the Christian family is using the mother-of-four as a “puppet and a tool” as they try to improve Josh’s image.

“They’d been horrified that she’d been persuaded to talk on-camera about Josh, and then wheeled out with the children, looking like everything was fine,” a source said. The insider adds that hearing her friends’ views have changed Anna, and that now, she feels angry that Josh has treated her badly for so long.

Sources said that Anna is seeking custody of the couple’s four children so that they can move away from Arkansas, with insiders saying that she wants to be “as far away from Josh as possible.”

Anna and the Duggar family have yet to comment on the report.