'Duck Dynasty' season 9 news: Pastor Alan Robertson addresses his wife's extra marital affair past


Duck Dynasty” has just aired brand new back-to-back episodes this week and this time, the show saw two couples being the center of attention.

The first episode titled “Alan in Charge” sees Willie hiring Alan Robertson as a manager for the warehouse filling system at Jase’s suggestion. The Pastor and his wife, Marsha Kay Robertson, started to cause some tension right away with their managerial skills. Then again, the pastor is the son of Phil Alexander Robertson, and “Duck Dynasty” has always been about family. So, it is safe to say that the two will be appearing in the show.

What makes Alan and Marsha an interesting addition to the show is their history both admitting having affairs in the past. During an interview with FOX411, Alan addressed the issue saying, “It is hard to trust again, that’s a true statement. We believe God was helping us. I believe there was something bigger than myself giving me assistance. Lisa was very humble, she came to the realization when that affair became knowledge to me that she needed to look inside and find out what she was missing and why she was so dishonest.”

The second episode titled “Renaissance Fair” saw everyone celebrating Godwin’s birthday. Eventually, Alan, Jase, Willie and Sadie went to a medieval tournament which became a bit more chaotic when they picked a surprise winner.

Another plot point of the latest episode is Jep and Jessica visiting a falconry expert to eventually borrow one of the birds for the party, however, Jep became too immersed in the environment that he ended up whisking away taking photos with the birds.

Speaking of Jep and Jessica, diehard followers of “Duck Dynasty” know that the couple had branched out to their spin off series titled “Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty,” also airing on A&E. The two has recently adopted an African-American baby named Jules Augustus Robertson. Baby Gus as they fondly call him made his first TV debut appearance through the duo’s TV show.

Unfortunately for next week, “Duck Dynasty” will be back to airing one episode per week. But this does not mean that the reality show will become anything less than exciting. In the episode titled “Heroes Welcome,” the squad takes the time to do something special for two veteran marines with a trip to Monroe. They would also be setting up a “color run” to raise awareness and help for soldiers who were wounded while being in service. 

“Duck Dynasty” season 9 continues next week, Feb. 3 on A&E.