‘DragonBall FighterZ’ launch day player count tops all-time records

Dragon Ball
A promotional image for "Dragon Ball FighterZ." (Bandai Namco)

The highly-anticipated fighting game “DragonBall FighterZ” has been released Friday, and fans have welcomed the new title very warmly, as evidenced by its performance in the charts of PC gaming platform Steam. During its first day, the game has already broken some all-time peak numbers of other popular fighting games.

The game reached more than 40,000 players on its launch day, and it averaged around 35,000 players throughout the day. These numbers put it on top of other games in the genre like “Tekken 7” and “Street Fighter V.”

“DragonBall FighterZ” peaked at 44,234 concurrent players at around 12 p.m. Eastern Time Friday. In comparison, the all-time peak for the popular fighting game “Tekken 7” is 18,766, while “Street Fighter V” has an all-time peak of 13,807 players.

This first day performance bodes very well for the video game title, which is primed to become one of the most popular fighting games in recent years. This is also a good sign of the genre of fighting games in general, as it could also spark an increase in the popularity of the genre for PC players.

“DragonBall FighterZ” boasts an animation style that is inspired by the “Dragon Ball Z” animated franchise. As players engage on the fights, what stands out the most is how the visuals look like the fights from the beloved animated show.

The art style is the fruit of developer Arc System Works’ attention to detail and knack for capturing the “Dragon Ball Z” spirit. The developer, which previously worked on the fighting game “Guilty Gear,” proves that it is able to create some of the best-looking fighting games today.

However, some fans have discovered that tuning the graphical settings of the game down to its minimum also provides a unique experience. With the lower resolution option, the game looks like a game from older consoles like a Game Boy Advance, giving players a distinctive retro experience not found in many modern games.