Dragon Ball Super news: poor animation quality leaves fans concerned; Episode six sees some birthday party action for Bulma


Seems like fans of the latest installment in the long-running series, “Dragon Ball Super” are not happy when it comes to the animation of recently-concluded episode five titled “A Battle On Kai’s Planet” where Goku and the God of Destruction, Beerus fought each other.

According to Forbes, the show’s Japanese fan-base, followed by Western show followers, voiced out their concern over the poor graphics simulation and deemed that it does not reflect what they thought the characters would look like in action, especially for a series that has a big budget and is already embedded in mainstream culture.

The report added that fans want to have better animation as they have waited 18 years for another major series in the franchise. One supporter of the show even revised the sketches and fixed the previously botched expression, lack of exciting frame-by-frame sequence, and added more movements for the characters.

Whatever the reasons for the animation quality may be, Movie Pilot shares that the fifth episode is pretty sensational as it makes the plotline more interesting.

It showcased the first battle in the new series against Gods and Saiyans. Notable during the fight is Goku’s seemingly happy expression that he gets to face someone who poses a real challenge even though Beerus may be one of his toughest opponents to date. However, the episode still has not revealed the Red Super Saiyan from the studio previously teased.

Meanwhile, the trailer of the upcoming episode six titled “Don’t Anger the God of Destruction! The Heart-Pounding Birthday Party,” hints at a possible melee during Bulma’s party when Whis and Beerus choose to attend.

They are said to be treated as guests but Vegeta keeps his guard as he was warned by King Kai before.

The next episode airs on Japan in August 16.