'Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F': new featurette Ask Goku, Ask Vegeta out now


With Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection  of F getting ready for its much awaited theatrical release in the US on August 4, with a New York premiere on August 3fans are already very excited to see for themselves the latest Dragon Ball film, following the hit Battle of Gods.

Just recently, Flickering Myth released an “Ask Goku” and “Ask Vegeta” featurette, featuring voice actors Sean Schemmel (English voice of Goku) and Christopher R. Sabat (voice of Vegeta) answering fan questions about their job as voice actors and about the world of Dragon Ball. 

Since Schmmel also voiced the English version of King Kai, he was asked about the experience of recording scenes with Goku and King Kai arguing.

“I don’t feel like I’m arguing with myself,” he shared. “Because I’m so in the character… when I hear it play back in my headphones I don’t think, ‘Oh, that’s me’.”

Rather than talking to himself, he shared that doing it felt more like working with another actor.

He also shared that as a voice actor, his ultimate goal is to achieve that suspension of disbelief, where fans would not hear or feel any trace of the voice being him when he is in character.

“I don’t want anybody to be thinking about me when I’m acting. Because I’m trying to suspend your disbelief, I want you to believe it’s Goku,” he said.

Regarding fans shocked on first knowing that he is also the voice of King Kai: “They watched it [for] fifteen years and didn’t know. Yes! I did my job right.”

Christopher R. Sabat, meanwhile, talked about which villain he would like to bring back in the series.

“If I was gonna bring a villain back. I’d probably bring all the Androids backbut in their mean way. Like, I’d bring Android 20, Android 19, 18, and then all the Android from the movies like the little tiny Android with the crazy bowtieAndroid 13 I think it was,” he said.

Sabat also shared that his favorite Vegeta moment was when Vegeta went in an all-out battle against Goku, in Majin Vegeta mode. He also revealed that they started out working on the series without listening to the original Japanese voices. However, they are greatly influenced by the original Japanese dub now.