Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F could beat box office record set by Howl's Moving Castle in North America


The latest film in the Dragon Ball Z shows the extent of the long-running franchise’s fan base in North America, as its earnings edged out other Japanese animated movies previously released in that market.

According to Fandom Post, the film had earned $3.5 million in just two days after it opened its limited theatrical run in the United States and Canada. The article added that, on Tuesday alone, the film had already earned $1.97 million.

On Thursday, Deadline reported, the film earned a combined $510,000, $110,000 of which came from Canada.

This puts the film’s accumulated earnings to more than $4 million in just three days.

Deadline said that, by achieving this milestone in just three days since opening, “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” is poised to beat the $4.7 million box office figure achieved by Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

By comparison, Howl’s Moving Castle was released by Disney in the United States and took weeks of theatrical runs to earn $4.7 million.

The film is released in North America by independent outfit FUNimation Entertainment, which Deadline said had also secured a multi-year deal to distribute the film to home video.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’s limited North American release will end on August 12.

The movie features the return of arch-villain Frieza, who was defeated by Super Saiyan Son Goku in Piccolo’s home planet, Namek. In the movie, Frieza’s henchmen stage a heist that spirited the Seven Dragon Balls away so that they can wish the villain back to life. This leads to another showdown with the last two Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta, and the other Z Warriors.

The film’s performance in its home market in Japan is even more impressive. It grabbed the title of the highest grossing film in Japan for 2015 during its theatrical run in late April. According to Design & Trend, the film earned $8.1 million and managed to compete successfully with the internationally hyped-up “Furious 7” film.