Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC pack 3 details new super attacks and skills; 125% experience point bonus for parallel quests announced


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC pack 3 was rolled out last June 9 but barely a month has passed and the developers are already dishing out treats to patient gamers who waited for its release.

On the game’s Facebook page, developers announced: “BONUS XP EVENT! During the below dates, players who clear parallel quests in Dragon Ball Xenoverse gain 125% of experience points! Who’s reached level 90 yet?”

This bonus which can be availed of from from June 16-23, aims to continue to encourage local gamers and Dragon Ball fans.

According to Christian Today, DLC pack 3 also goes by the name Resurrection F with 5 new parallel Quests, 8 Master Quests, 14 new skills, and 2 new masters– Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Elder Kai. The four new playable characters include Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) Goku, SSGSS Vegeta, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, and Golden Frieza. Additional characters are formed when the Saiyan’s hair turns blue with a flaming aura, according to the International Business Times of India. The transformations are released as separate characters when they are unlocked by the gamers.

The new Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 is available for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One gaming devices. It features attacks like super attacks, ultimate attacks, and additional skills from the new characters. There are also new accessories such as the Tagoma’s Scouter and Turtle Hermit set. Gamers have been playing it actively since the download was available on June 9 and fans have been raving about it on the internet, the Gospel Herald reported .

It has been previously reported that the new DLC pack is available for all regions for $9.99. Meanwhile, season pass buyers (bought at $24.99) are entitled to it as one of their free downloads.