'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: Vegeta fights Frost


Vegeta will try to take down Frost in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.”

Back in episode 33, Goku had the upper hand in defeating his Freeza-lookalike opponent named Frost. He turned into a super saiyan 1 and beat his opponent, only to be thrown out of the ring toward the end of their bout after suddenly feeling weak. Beerus’ team, as well as viewers, were left stunned with the sudden weakness of Goku.

Nevertheless, Piccolo stepped in to fight Frost in episode 34 of “Dragon Ball Super.” Prior to going to the ring, he asked Goku if he is capable to beat the universe 6 opponent. Unfortunately, Goku does not think so, although he is still uncertain what made him become weak all of a sudden. Piccolo still tried his best to attack using several techniques, including his special beam cannon, but eventually, Frost attacked him to his defeat. The team of Beerus has once again lost in their third match.

However, things became suspicious, leading Jaco to look into the unusual opponent. Vegeta asked the announcer to check Frost and it turned out that he is using a special technique through a poisoned needle to put his opponents into a daze. In a twist of decision, Frost was disqualified, declaring Piccolo as the winner of the third round. Champa became worried as two of his fighters are already beaten. Episode 34 of the show left with Vegeta still wants to fight with Frost in a bonus match.

In the preview for next Sunday that is posted on Design & Trend, the saiyan price will indeed fight Frost in episode 35, titled “Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta’s All-Out Battle!!”

The two fighters are seen staring at each other with loathing and determination, before their fight began. As they were exchanging attacks, Frost looks resolved to give it all, while Vegeta turns into a super saiyan, perhaps to finish off Champa’s fighter.

Episode 35 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on Mar. 13.