'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: episode 18 sees Goku in Beerus to train under Whis; episodes 19 and 20 may be the start of Frieza's return


After finally defeating the god Beerus and expanding his capacity to a Super Saiyan god, Goku still feels that he can do more, especially after learning than Vegeta is training under Whis, the loyal servant and martial arts teacher of Beerus.

With this, Episode 18 will see Goku going to the planet of Beerus to train under Whis. In a synopsis translated by a Facebook user named Abhineet Singh from the Japanese version, the narration goes, “Whis and Goku arrive at Beerus’ planet. There they are reunited with Vegeta, who’s grown in strength since he last saw Goku. Goku’s really excited to get to train under Whis, but first they have to change the sleeping Beerus’ bedsheets. Vegeta is frustrated with Goku appearance. No longer able to monopolize Whis’ training, things get a little less interesting for Vegeta. Moreover, Vegeta gets ticked off at Goku’s spontaneous behavior in the midst of training,” reports Yibada.

Although Vegeta is initially annoyed that Goku will join them, in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, both saiyans are also training together under Whis quite comfortably. There are some drills with Whis to become stronger before they were summoned back to Earth once again to face the resurrected and stronger Frieza. The movie somehow highlights how both Vegeta and Goku have become stronger through drills and fighting techniques that Whis shared in the planet of Beerus, as he also identified their fighting weaknesses during their practice.

Meanwhile, International Business Times India also shared the synopsis for episode 19, which highlights that Goku has indeed joined Vegeta’s training. However, on the other side of the story, there will be “someone being tormented,” possibly Frieza, as his resurrection begins. As for episode 20, an old friend visits Bulma to warn her about a threat that is coming to Earth. This friend may be Jaco, an interstellar patrol, who will forewarn Bulma of Frieza’s coming.

Episode 18 will come on November 8, followed by episodes 19 and 20 on November 13 and 22, respectively.