Dragon Ball Super spoilers: Goku tries his hand at farming, Mister Satan takes care of Majin Buu


The first episode for Dragon Ball Super, the brand new Dragon Ball Z TV series, finally aired over the weekend in Japan.

Fans will certainly be looking forward to spoilers, if they haven’t watched the show already, so here are some revelations on what the first episode was about.

Kotaku.com said that the first episode picked up after the conclusion of Goku’s battle with Majin Buu. The pilot episode is set six months after that fateful battle, and everyone’s memories of Majin Buu have been wiped with the help of the seven Dragon Balls. All of the heroes are now enjoying world peace, which is what the first episode is all about.

The Kotaku article, titled “The Five Best Moments in Dragon Ball Super’s First Episode,” revealed that Goku is trying his hand in tasks like farming. The article also revealed that Majin Buu is well and alive, and is under the care of none other than Mister Satan.

Screenshots at Rocket News 24 also showed glimpses of what the first episode offered. One screenshot showed Goku, as usual, getting ready for some heavy duty training while Gohan and Videl seem to be enjoying peace time as a normal couple.

Goten and Little Trunks remain best friends and training partners as well. In fact, Kotaku said that the two teamed up to get Videl a special gift during the first episode.

Last but not least, Kotaku reported, Beerus also made an appearance in the first episode sampling the culinary offerings of different planets. Apparently, displeasing him resulted to the destruction of half of one planet.

There is still plenty to look forward to in the second episode, as Rocket News 24 said that it will be about Vegeta taking Trunks and Bulma out on a holiday. That is not something one typically sees from the Saiyan prince and Goku’s arch-rival.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Saturday morning on Japan’s Fuji TV, Comic Book Resources said.