'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers: Goku and Vegeta arrive to help the fight against Freeza and Tagoma


On the latest episode of the hit animated series “Dragon Ball Super,” viewers will see the continuing battle of Z Fighters against antagonists Tagoma and Freeza.

Titled “Earth! Gohan! A Desperate Situation! Hurry back Son Goku!” joining the fight are Goku and Vegeta, who upon learning that Freeza has arrived on Earth, will help the group in their endeavor.

The teaser trailer started with the scene where Freeza seems to be gaining the upper-hand in the battlefield as he continues attacking the Z fighters. Afterwards, it changed into Whis with pizza boxes falling on top of him.

According to Christian Today, the depicted scene is similar to the one shown in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F” where Whis is contacted by Bulma to inform Goku and Vegeta about Freeza.

The report added that based on the title, it seems like Gohan may be in great danger as the villain is focusing his powers on him since Goku is not around just yet. When he gets to face Freeza, the preview clip suggests that a showdown between Vegeta and Tagoma may happen first. Their melee is predicted to go by quickly, possibly ending the storyline that involves the resurrected Ginyu.

The video also shows Freeza seemingly beginning to transform to his so-called final form and then to his golden form first seen in the movie. However, unlike in the big screen, fans are said to speculate that either of Goku or Freeza’s most powerful forms will not be showcased in the series.

The upcoming episode serves as the start of the middle part of the current run, while Goku and Vegeta’s arrival marks the half way scenes in “Resurrection of F.” Similar to the film, the narrative is expected to be laid out in a more detailed fashion as the story continues to focus on the fight that will ensue between Goku and Freeza, and the former’s goals in saving the world from any form of destruction.

“Dragon Ball Super’s” episode 23 is slated to air on Dec. 13.