'Dragon Ball Super' spoilers for episode 18, 19, and 20: story points towards rebirth of Frieza


When episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super airs on November 8, it may already show a preview of the story of Dragon Ball Resurrection F, pertaining to the rebirth of Frieza.

Yibada was able to get a hold of a synopsis translation made by a Facebook user named Abhineet Singh, “Whis and Goku arrive at Beerus’ planet. There they are reunited with Vegeta, who’s grown in strength since he last saw Goku. Goku’s really excited to get to train under Whis, but first they have to change the sleeping Beerus’ bedsheets. Vegeta is frustrated with Goku appearance. No longer able to monopolize Whis’ training, things get a little less interesting for Vegeta. Moreover, Vegeta gets ticked off at Goku’s spontaneous behavior in the midst of training.”

In the Dragon Ball Resurrection F movie, the story will see both saiyans under the training of Whis, the loyal servant and martial arts trainer of lord Beerus on his planet. In the training, Goku aggressively tries to defeat Whis, while Vegeta tries to give his same share of attacks to the trainer. If the translation is correct, the upcoming episode mirrors the scenes in the movie.

Meanwhile, International Business Times India was also able to get a hold of the preview for episodes 19 and 20. In episode 19, fans get to see both the saiyans training under Whis, while in another part of the world, “someone is being tormented.” On the other hand, in episode 20, Bulma will have an unexpected visitor who will warn him of an upcoming threat to Earth.

In the Dragon Ball Resurrection F movie, the film starts off with Frieza being paraded around by fluffy toys and later on shows how irritated he was with the scene. As the story goes, Jaco, an interstellar patrol, goes back to Earth to warn Bulma that Frieza is resurrected and is going back to the planet for revenge. Both scenes from the movie are mimicked in the synopses, making it a very strong possibility that Dragon Ball Super is entering the arc of Frieza’s reborn.

Episode 19 will be aired on November 13, while episode 20 will follow a week after.